A visit to RAF Hendon

We travelled to NW London to visit RAF Hendon on Saturday 15th September, 2018. A couple of us had been before but the rest were first-timers.

The RAF are celebrating their 100th anniversary and this particular day was also a festival day celebrating the 1930’s and 1940’s. It was a fine day, the entry is free and so we were surprised to note that the car park was not full. Still, more room for us.

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After a cup of tea we started at Hanger 1. This gave the history of the RAF from its formation to the present time. Coming out, we watched a stationery Merlin engine being run up. The noise and vibration were terrific. Brian and Dave have videos if you want to see them. Then on to Hanger 2 which covered the First World War. A surprising time later we realised that it was time for lunch.. After a good - though slightly expensive - lunch, Kathy and Brian went to attend a Swing Dance class while the others went to Hanger 6. We all, apart from Dave, popped out to see a Lancaster flying overhead. Brian has posted a video on Facebook so become his Facebook Friend if you want to see it.

All through the day there were many people in period dress, happy to pose for photos and looking very convincing, even down to seams in the ladies’ stockings.

Finally, we visited Hangars 3,4, and 5 which included a Lancaster, Spitfire, Hurricane and a lot of the other notable aircraft from World War 11. Also there were modern jet bombers. Standing under a Vulcan bomber makes you realise how big the wings are. There also was the chance to sit in a Spitfire for £10. No, we didn’t think it was worth it either.

It was nearly 5pm before we left. A full, surprisingly long, day, very enjoyable. Well done, Ken for organising it.

Brian U., 15th September 2018