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From Bratislava we caught a coach to travel the relatively short journey into Austria, and on to Vienna. This hostel was much more luxurious - with a bar! Taking our lives in our hands, we crossed a huge road junction, also narrowly avoiding getting run-over by trams which appeared from all directions, and found a café for coffee and some delicious cake. In the evening, a meal in a restaurant which only served chicken dishes. (What did Ann eat, being vegetarian?)

(photos by Peter Gamble and text by Maz)

Epping Forest Outdoor Group, Vienna  Heldenplaz, Vienna - January 2006

Epping Forest Outdoor Group   Sunday 15th. The hostel in the background
Epping Forest Outdoor Group  Saturday night. Vienna. Huge junction that was time-consuming to cross, but on the other side coffee and cakes were waiting
Epping Forest Outdoor Group  Chicken or chicken

The following day, after negotiating a train journey to the city centre (with yet another problem with a ticket machine!), we set off to explore Vienna - such a beautiful city, with it’s magnificent buildings, statues, monuments and the awe-inspiring St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It was minus 6C., but that didn’t detract from the enjoyment of the day.

Epping Forest Outdoor Group  A wander round the city
Epping Forest Outdoor Group  The statue of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the Burggarten
Epping Forest Outdoor Group    St. Stephen's Cathedral
Epping Forest Outdoor Group  Graben pedestrian precinct
Epping Forest Outdoor Group   St. Peter's R.C. Church. Very plain on the outside
Epping Forest Outdoor Group   St. Stephen's Cathedral
Epping Forest Outdoor Group  The Anchor Clock (Ankeruhr), with figures parading on the hour
Epping Forest Outdoor Group    St. Stephen's Cathedral
Epping Forest Outdoor Group   Part of the Hoffburg complex. Home to the Spanish riding school

We visited the Spanish Riding School - the home of the famous Lipizzaner horses. Unfortunately we did not have time to see a show, which was a disappointment for some of us. On our way back, we passed St. Rupert’s church, the oldest church in Vienna, which has been standing there since 740 A.D. We took a coach back to Bratislava, which dropped us at the airport for the flight home. Thanks must go to Andrea for organising such an enjoyable weekend.

Epping Forest Outdoor Group   The Volksgarten
Epping Forest Outdoor Group   St. Rupert down by the Danube


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