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The following day, 22nd October, was a slightly easier seven mile walk from the hotel along the coast to Robin Hood's Bay, returning to Whitby on a very crowded bus. Before the walk, and before breakfast, an early morning rise showed some lovely light over the sands and the town as the sun rose....

EFOG, Whitby Whitby - 22nd October 2006

EFOG, Whitby Morning on the beach at Whitby
EFOG, Whitby Early morning from the Pier
EFOG, Whitby  Whitby Abbey through the keyhole
Whitby   Early morning - the beach is deserted and the sky is stormy

22nd September - The walk from Whitby to Robin Hood's Bay

EFOG, Whitby   From our Hotel - that's the direction to Robin Hood's Bay
EFOG, Whitby   The start of the second day's walk
EFOG, Whitby Across the harbour
EFOG, Whitby  Climbing up the 199 steps to the Abbey - our hotel is on the West Cliff in the background
EFOG, Whitby  Coastline on the way to Robin Hood's Bay
EFOG, Whitby   Looking pretty flagged at the finish of our walk. The pub is actually the finish of the Coast to Coast Walk - we could probably have claimed our free drink!
EFOG, Whitby  The abbey in the evening
EFOG, Whitby  The hotel from the pier at night


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