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On 28th August we drove to Baltimore for the ferry to Cape Clear Island, Ireland's most southerly island. We walked a good few miles on the island, enjoying the remote feel, the scattered houses and distant views of the mainland across a blue sea. Derelict crofts, holy wells, palm trees and a sign that said that we were 356 nautical miles from London. And it felt it.

Cape Clear Island
Cape Clear Island, Ireland, 28th August 2007

We sailed to Cape Clear Island from Baltimore on the ferry "Cailín Óir" (Golden Girl), looking for whales on the way. We didn't see any, unfortunately - but of course they'd been spotted "the day before - to be sure". However, the weather was lovely, and the commentary on the islands we were passing good. The island is lovely, and we walked a good part of it, along quiet roads, amongst the gorse and heather, and down by the sea-shore. From where we rested on a hill-top for a while, we could see the Fastnet Rock out in the Atlantic, and Mizen Head where we had been the previous day. We couldn't see America, though, nor Tír na nÓg.

Cape Clear Island From the Clear Island ferry "Cailín Óir" (Golden Girl)

Cape Clear Island
Leaving Baltimore for Cape Clear Island, 28 August 2007
Cape Clear Island  Our first look at Cape Clear Island - Eileen studies the map
Cape Clear Island This helps our whereabouts - Paul, Val, Eileen, Ken, Fred, Steve and Susan, 356 (nautical) miles from home
Cape Clear Island  By the sea shore
Cape Clear Island   Fred, Eileen, Val and Susan near the youth hostel at Ard na Gaoithe (The Hill of the Wind)

Cape Clear Island   Eileen on the rocks...

Cape Clear Island   - maybe searching for sea anemones?

Cape Clear Island
steep uphill slopes through gorse and heather...

Cape Clear Island - to rest - reading a book and listening to the sky...

Fastnet Rock     - with views of the Fastnet Rock

Cape Clear Island  A quiet road on Cape Clear Island

Cape Clear Island     There were some tumble-down buildings -

Cape Clear Island     - but also some beautifully situated nice houses

The island has numerous Holy Wells, and is in a Gaeltacht area (Gaelic speaking) - although we didn't hear much of it. We did hear Ravens - and thought at one time a Corn-crake (Crex crex) - but were told they hadn't been on the island for some years. They should've been. It was the sort of place you felt you ought to live in for a while, at least.

Cape Clear Island       One of the island's holy wells

Cape Clear Island
Fred making an offering --- but to what?

Cape Clear Island       Leaving Cape Clear Island for Baltimore



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